Self-flagellation: The Last Highway out of Hell

He whips himself, he whips himself very hard;

the silent screams breaking into an ugly grimace

The cat-o-nine-tails screams like a mad banshee;

the knots striking in a frenzy, a blood thirsty race

Each lash is dedicated to one specific memory;

a black hole in the whole black vast space of life  

Each stroke exposing a white pulsating nerve;

a silver snake writhing under a very sharp knife

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Man in the Mirror


Go look at the sick pale face in the mirror;

how loathsome the face seems to appear

Look at him for long and look very closely;

you will find quietly lurking, a passive fear

Of failed dreams and victorious nightmares;

of a life utterly failed, loss of all that is dear

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Who am I?


Who am I? Have you ever given it a thought?

Just like you, I have my fears and my dreams

No scars but there are battles I have fought;

no words but you can still hear the screams

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Light and Darkness


Out of the darkness, the first light was decreed

and into the very darkness, the last light will fade

Don’t fear the darkness, for it was the beginning;

and don’t shun the darkness for it will be the end

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مٹی دے باوے

Little Clay Dolls

ایتھے مٹی دے نے سارے

سوہنی سوہنی مورتاں وی

کالیاں پھکی صورتاں وی

اچے لمے شملے وی

ٹلھے ماٹھے کملے وی

مٹی دے سارے باوے نیں

کروڑ تے ہزار

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