Sometimes I imagine the most unimaginable,

playing with lightening in the clouds of doom

At other times I dream the most indescribable,

part of another time in the hallways of gloom

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There is that land of the sad throat singers,

chords singing the melody – foretelling the end

Or men from the West – the tired gunslingers,

flames are dying slowly – the fires that they tend


The shamans from Tibet – humming ancient words,

and flutes playing softly, the lament of the damned

Lonely prophets in the streets – the ever-preying birds,

warning of the apocalypse, their words all crammed


The travelling gypsies, with wings under their feet,

crystal balls telling fabulous lies, all without shame

Sirens hungry for young blood – their smiles so sweet,

Seduction dancing the tango – a never-ending game


The silent eyes of the mindless throng – ruled by sin,

masking a thousand fetishes, all pleasure and lust

Tears of the guilty Midas, hiding the insatiable grin,

desires swirling in frenzy, their feet covered in rust


Sometimes I just imagine and sometimes I only dream,

pastimes of a failed savior –delusions of grandeur

Life is the darkest of all curses and so it may seem,

users have failed the system and He is only a voyeur

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