The Fate of a Failed Hero

Receding deep into yourself, being enfolded in layers;

blanking out the chaos of complicated relationships

Tightly wrapped within a cocoon of your icy cold self;

the harsh and cruel reality, the one and final eclipse

That is your nirvana, that is your long torturous bliss;

that’s what’s written by fate, in all its useless scripts


Your cocoon will hang forever, the dangling shell;

on a grey cracked wall in the hall of eternal sadness

There it will hang and you will squirm deep within;

away from the merry crowds, the naked madness

That will be your heaven and that will be your hell;

both equally dark and quiet, the ever ruling blackness


When a bored God visits and knocks at the cocoon;

asking if all is honky dory within the silent confines

You will scream from within, a long tormented wail;

‘I did what you asked me to do, I followed all lines

I crushed my own ego, I buried it deep and alive;

damning myself to patience, despite all the odd signs’


And the God will laugh, He will laugh long and hard;

‘you pathetic asshole, you miserably crawling bastard

You tried to fight fate, you failed to learn from life;

you were no crowned hero, you were merely a dastard

Now burn forever in your heaven as it is also your hell;

self-torture is the only art you have really mastered’

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