You and Me, Us and Them

Each one of us, you and me and even them all;

we walk many paths, different yet much alike

We laugh and we cry and we love and we hate;

we smile many smiles, different yet much alike


Each of us carries a big damn black hole inside;

big enough to swallow this whole wide universe

This is our heaviest burden and our true destiny;

this is our abhorrent torture and our darkest curse


Each of us floats along a dark river of sadness;

the river winding through the valleys of sorrow

This is our longest journey from birth till death;

this is life from start till end, today and tomorrow


Each of us is addicted to the morphine of happiness;

the sudden rush surging through our wasted veins

This is our limitation and our biggest compulsion;

this is survival, finding sunlight in the falling rains


Each of us is part of a multitude, yet walking alone;

the loneliness is selfish and driven by ego and self

This is our darkest deed, a cruelty and our vilest sin;

this is a crime, against ourselves and God himself

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