Fate of the Unhappy

The unhappy are forever to remain alone;

for that is the decreed nature of their fate

Happiness, an elusive dream they pursue;

and when they fail, it’s always a wraith


Each time they are happy, it’s an illusion;

which fades as quickly as it had appeared

Each time they are happy, there’s a rush;

that changes into an agony to be feared


Fear them not, for it is not a black curse;

for they are unhappy but may dispense joy

With hearts so bitter and eyes so vacant;

they are like the legendary horse of Troy


But beware, never show them any kindness;

for they assume hope where there is none

Beware, your affection is like acidic venom;

for they assume love where there is none


For their eternally stupid pursuit of happiness;

the unhappy are pitiable and are to be mocked

Also for their constant vigil for non-existent hope;

their doors are forever silent and never knocked

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