The Impossibility of Fading Away

Sometimes I wish I could just fade away;

leaving behind no memory, not even a trace

Sometimes I wish I could remove myself;

from this stupid illusion of life and space


There are a million colours in the world;

one black less and it won’t make any difference

There are a billion stars in the dark night sky;

if one becomes a black hole, no difference


What am I in this complicated puzzle?

A minute piece of desire, nothing else

What am I in this mine of diamonds?

A small piece of black coal, nothing else


Leaving would be perfect, a final solution;

to the conflict between desire and reality

Leaving would be beautiful, a final touch;

to a trashy abstract painting that I see


Fading is simple, leaving no trace is impossible;

leaving is easy, leaving no memory is difficult

What to do and what not to do? A dilemma;

What not to is so easy and what to is so typical

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