Massacre of the Unhappy

Go and kill them, kill them slowly or kill them fast;

kill them with your abject disinterest and disregard

Kill them for they forgive you their very own murder;

kill them for their hearts are now too badly scarred


Go and kill them while they are awake or asleep;

kill them with your bitter tears or your divine smiles

Kill them for they risked to think of the impossible;

kill them for they for once dared to dream awhile


Go and kill them without any guilt or even little doubt;

kill them with your characteristic bland indifference

Kill them for they already hate themselves too much;

kill them for they have no great desire, no preference


Go and kill them with your burning blood thirsty lust;

kill them with a dark vengeance seething in your heart

Kill them for they themselves beg for this final end;

kill them for self-hatred too is sort of an unusual art


Go and kill them with either your swords or words;

kill them with no grey regret and no guilt whatsoever

Kill them for their cold hearts are no more throbbing;

kill them for they have been broken, are dead forever


Go and kill them though killing them is no fun at all;

kill them for they won’t be able to either resist or react

Kill them for they dared to love too much like fools;

kill them for loving only one was their very final act


Go, deliver the final blow and kill them before it’s late;

kill them without even a sliver of sympathy and kindness

Kill them for they want to now sleep and rest forever;

kill them for they are tired of all this hollow sadness

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