Too Many Sometimes

Sometimes love doesn’t need words;

you can smell it in a shy fragrant smile

But then, you see what you want to see;

from up close, even when away by a mile

Sometimes there is and was no love at all;

you just chose to assume love in a guile


Sometimes you do not even need love;

yet you convince yourself it is needed

But then, you’re habitual of creating needs;

in places where life itself has conceded

Sometimes there is no need for love at all;

yet advices to yourself remain unheeded


Sometimes you focus on one, losing yourself;

everything becomes one with no space for you

But then, there was never meant to be a you;

you become a falsity and the other becomes true

Sometimes, your focus just brings more pain;

yet you focus on, as though you had no clue


Sometimes you are not walking any path at all;

there never was a start and no destination

But then, you walk on as though it’s the last path;

as though in walking, there lies your salvation

Sometimes, you are just as lost as you ever were;

yet you fail to admit, it will be your damnation

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