The Exhausted Wizard of Hope

A distant possibility he used to dream;

a hazy perception of a prospect of them

Hope and light were easy to be found;

for they just had to look at the horizon

The birthplace of sun and its golden halo;

a miracle lighting up their small world


Now there is just him and there is just her;

existing in an orphan moment of present

Hope is a must, it still needs to be found;

some hope for him and some hope for her

For they need to live beyond each other;

following their dreams on the path of fate


And that is his quest which kills his soul;

searching for a little hope for both of them

For her, he can create hope out of thin air;

as love makes him a grand wizard of sorts

But for himself, there is no hope to be found;

for his wand is useless, pointed at himself


And this is him, a wizard conjuring hope;

a wizard with an exhausted soul to bear

And that is her, climbing up the ladder;

towards the stars in the dark night sky

May she reach the stars and find the light;

and may he hold the ladder until she does

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