The Kingdom without a King

I have heard that there is peace down below;

silence is a tranquil lake and no dark murmurs

I have heard there is no ego there, high or low;

life is no more a battle, no losers no learners

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I have heard that there is comfort in darkness;

no sudden challenge, no opportunity to be won

I have heard there is just serenity, no harshness;

the red curtain drops and your roles are all done


I have heard love is a wraith forgotten forever;

your shattered heart needs no more mending

I have heard all are equal, fool and the clever;

the fire inside is all put out, it needs no tending


I have heard there is a kingdom without a king;

the last refuge for all the tired and broken souls

I have heard the admission needs no magical ring;

you step across the threshold and the drum rolls

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