Our Heaven is Here, Our Hell is Here

For those who look up at the skies with searching eyes;

look all around us, our heaven is here, our hell is here

They are all liars, holy ones with their beseeching cries;

they do not seek your salvation, they simply do not care

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When you smile with joy, seeing a lovely piece of art;

the beautiful flowers of heaven, you can indeed smell

When jealousy scars your soul and burns your pure heart;

you can feel the searing heat of the flames of your hell


When you feel your lover’s soft kiss; the warm embrace;

the cool breeze of heaven surrounds your whole being

When betrayal murders your ego and brings you disgrace;

the fires of hells consume you without you ever seeing


When you choose to be kind without any expectation;

the rain clouds from heaven drench you with humility

When you are selfish and within reach of damnation;

the serpent of guilt suffocates you with sheer hostility


When you hold a tired hand much in need of your help;

your heart becomes the heaven, filed with His affection

When you hit a dog with cruelty not listening to his yelp;

the poisonous scorpion of Karma, makes his own selection


There may come an end, there may be a judgment day;

you may be judged by Him, He may be kind or merciful

But when you make a choice, you always have to pay;

you may create an ugly hell or a heaven so beautiful

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