My Friend….MY Nemesis

Oh where are you when I need you the most?

My dear friend…. my ancient nemesis

You wrapped in the dark grey shadows;

silent as the deep black crevasses

I need to hear your poisonous whispers;

I need to go down, feeling your cold caresses


Oh where are you when your chilling presence is desired?

My arch enemy…. my loathsome darling

You standing at guard within my heart;

a coiled dragon – black and snarling

I need to be blasted by your icy fire;

I need to be ashes – a charred grey starling


Oh where are you when I abandon the world?

My promised comrade…… my sworn foe

You walking alongside me on the path of life;

a dead man and his faded smoky shadow

I need to walk till the exhaustion kills me;

I need to feel the pain – the sting of a black widow


Oh where are you when your absence irritates me?

My loyal savior….. my ruthless killer

You freezing my tired broken soul;

you bringing an end to the boring thriller

I need you to kill me for I want to sleep;

I need you to entomb me within a granite pillar


#English #poetry #poem #depression #darkness #emptiness #coldness #death

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  1. Finally your blogs started sending the notifications again. What a relief. I thought you had stopped writing everything ☺️

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