How the mighty gods fall

Oh how our mighty gods fall….

how they fall when we lose our faith

Oh how our stout hearts break…

how they break when we become a wraith


The first glance is sheer attraction;

it’s only the silver lining that we see

There may be billowing darkness within;

but ‘be a fool!’, our desires strongly plea


Attachment comes crawling thereafter;

our insecurities binding us with chains

They become our happiness and sorrow;

and stupidity runs through our veins


Then comes love….sweet sickly love;

they become our gods, grand without measure

We bow to them, we seek their forgiveness;

we sacrifice our ego, we aim to pleasure


While we are doing all this to ourselves;

our subconscious stands a somber guard

She is hard steel – no care for the gods;

amidst raging chaos, she is the churchyard


The final stage is hurt – a cold sharp dagger;

its blade is betrayal – it cuts our heart deep

That we loved a narcissist, it comes as a shock;

knowing it all along, we made our wisdom sleep


We stand aside and look at ourselves;

misery, anguish and the loss of all faith

When our mighty gods fall;

we become the grey wraith


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