Anger and Silence

Under the shady tree, the old monk sat;

life – the roughness of a bamboo matt

His eyes were closed, his heart so still;

oblivious to pain, a sharp n’ harsh chill


‘Anger is the wind’, he muttered to himself;

‘whispering in the trees, calming down itself

Anger is the mother and silence is the child;

the fiery dragon and the offspring so mild’


‘Anger is scalding chaos, silence brings order;

chaos and order dance across the thin border

Anger is the dark thunder, silence is the rain;

anger is so loud while silence stills the pain’


‘Anger is experience, silence is the wisdom;

anger is a moment while silence is the kingdom

Anger lights the blaze, silence is the smoke;

understanding is the product, wrapped in a cloak’


‘Your time has ended, now leave me all alone!’

the monk looks inwards and whispers to the stone

‘The reign of silence has begun, it feels so cold;

silence is the knowledge, which is cruel and so bold’


#anger #silence #wisdom #life #knowledge #experience #maturity

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