His last yellow dream

Balloons and Unfulfilled Dreams

‘Do you sell enough balloons to make a decent earning?’ I asked the old balloon-seller.

‘You are mistaken my dear sir. I don’t sell balloons. I sell only dreams.’ He explained humbly.

‘And this yellow balloon………?’

‘This is my last dream – my last yellow dream.’

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Ode to all the Sunsets

2015-03-25 18.50.08

This is a capture from March 2015.

Sunsets are old friends of mine.

Each one of them reminds me of my losses and my gains.

Thankfully, each sunset makes me realize that my gains surpass my losses by a wide margin.

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Flowers are so fickle!

I have never really liked flowers. I find their colours too bright and unreal. And I have never liked the fact that beauty can be so temporary.

I don’t like flowers but apparently the camera of my mobile does love them a lot

2015-03-24 15.53.40

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