Love and Betrayal

Love and betrayal – two friends and lovers;

inseparable friends and diehard lovers

Walking hand in hand on the path of life;

their shadows becoming one with time

Fate playing merrily, its shiny golden fife;

deep lines etched on faces, still in prime

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My Friend….MY Nemesis

Oh where are you when I need you the most?

My dear friend…. my ancient nemesis

You wrapped in the dark grey shadows;

silent as the deep black crevasses

I need to hear your poisonous whispers;

I need to go down, feeling your cold caresses

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The Kingdom without a King

I have heard that there is peace down below;

silence is a tranquil lake and no dark murmurs

I have heard there is no ego there, high or low;

life is no more a battle, no losers no learners

#English #poetry #poem #darkness #down #depression #peace #kingdom #king #serenity #curtaindrops #love #silence

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