The Fate of a Failed Hero

Receding deep into yourself, being enfolded in layers;

blanking out the chaos of complicated relationships

Tightly wrapped within a cocoon of your icy cold self;

the harsh and cruel reality, the one and final eclipse

That is your nirvana, that is your long torturous bliss;

that’s what’s written by fate, in all its useless scripts

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A shitload of exclamation marks!


Sometimes you just wanna scream at something…anything at all;

sometimes you just wanna scream at someone….anyone at all

You wanna shout in order to make God bend down and listen;

you wanna shout till your voice echoes in the heavenly hall

But in the end you just are forced to scream at yourself;

and the noise is deafening within the confines of your head

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Self-flagellation: The Last Highway out of Hell

He whips himself, he whips himself very hard;

the silent screams breaking into an ugly grimace

The cat-o-nine-tails screams like a mad banshee;

the knots striking in a frenzy, a blood thirsty race

Each lash is dedicated to one specific memory;

a black hole in the whole black vast space of life  

Each stroke exposing a white pulsating nerve;

a silver snake writhing under a very sharp knife

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Man in the Mirror


Go look at the sick pale face in the mirror;

how loathsome the face seems to appear

Look at him for long and look very closely;

you will find quietly lurking, a passive fear

Of failed dreams and victorious nightmares;

of a life utterly failed, loss of all that is dear

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