The Autumn Within


Outside, there is autumn – the colours of gold and rust

It comes for a month or two and then hits rock bottom

Inside, the autumn stays forever, heaps of ash and dust

It came when I was born, will leave when I’m all rotten

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Children of Autumn (A Mini Opera)


The night is silent and Gamayun sits atop a lonely rock, looking down on the city of lights. A gentle breeze is blowing from the North-East, carrying faint shades of some long-lost and ancient fragrance. Then suddenly she senses a presence – there is someone beckoning her attention from the shadows. She raises her hand and commands:

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Till death do us part!


All the faceless monsters

lurking under your bed;

and grey smoky ghosts,

hiding quietly in the shed

They are still alive

and very much well fed;

their appetites are strong,

smelling your fears and dread

Oh you were so mistaken

and you were so very wrong;

they are still here

and they are still very strong

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