The Golden Butterflies

The pale sun losing its crown,

tired of all the sickness that it sees

The exhausted wind dying down,

hurt by cruelty in times like these

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The sighing wings flapping softly,

birds are flying to threatened shelters

The evening stars appearing one by one,

observing the sinful –young and elders


The moon dragging itself up petrified,

fearsome of the misery that it beholds

The blue black sky spreading its wings,

witnessing the race – silvers and golds


The clock reverses, another cycle starts,

light wages a war on the dark silent night

A new day in offing, the old night is dead,

time passes gently, yet great is its plight


The night sky breathes a sigh of relief,

the tired moon smiles a sleepy smile

The lonely stars go off one by one,

it is over, yet again another tough trial


The morning breeze moves – the allegro,

the waking sun bats his orange eyes

The birds and the bees – the morning rush,

it is chaos once again – laughter and cries


There is a resurrection of life feared dead,

the colors breakout in a dazzling bloom

The yellows are vibrant, blues are so brilliant,

the greens are fresh, the reds are so radiant


The hope of a new day is smiling once again,

serenity is promised and peace is a white dove

The golden butterflies in the eyes of my children,

life welcomes me again with a promise of love

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