It’s all in the eyes and I see eyes all around.

Happy and sad eyes, good and bad eyes.

Tired and watchful eyes, hungry and soulful eyes.

Lustful and virtuous eyes, dreaming and tempestuous eyes.

It’s all in the eyes and I see eyes all around.

Happy in their forgetfulness,

gold, women and the laughter of children,

sedated by the fulfillment of petty dreams.

Sad in their knowingness,

death, old age and the torture of loneliness,

confronted by reality when maturity screams.

Good in their mindfulness,

virtue, religion and the seduction of philanthropy,

attracted by heaven or the morality within.

Bad in their sinfulness,

wealth, selfishness and the glitter of world,

followed by their hearts or the lust within.

It’s all in the eyes and I see eyes all around.

Tired in their exasperation,

poverty, destitution and the pangs of hunger,

hurdled by madness when desperation brims over,

Watchful in their enragement,

injustice, genocide and the horrors of war,

stopped by helplessness when frustration takes over.

Hungry in their everlasting abundant greeds,

power, money and the sultriness of status,

entangled in webs of silver and gold.

Soulful in their contrasting mournful creeds,

ethics, morality and the concept of social justice,

entwined in philosophies contradictory and bold.

It’s all in the eyes and I see eyes all around.

Lustful in their passionate burning promises,

murmurs, whispers and the fragility of assurances,

lighted and extinguished over a single night.

Virtuous in their polished beckoning hypotheses,

conscience, belief and the solidness of integrity,

drafted and nullified over a single fight.

Dreaming in their deep dark forbidden fantasies,

caprice, obscenity and the call of devilishness,

darkened and coloured by unfulfilled desires.

Tempestuous in their violent guilt ridden ecstasies,

sex, alcohol and the lure of dominance,

emboldened and driven by unheard cries.

It’s all in the eyes and I see eyes all around.

My eyes, your eyes and their eyes, eyes all around.

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