Neither you were broken, nor I, when I met you first

Only the mirror was broken into a thousand pieces

Neither you were defeated, nor I, when I saw you first

Only the world was folded into a thousand creases

Our love just made the mirror whole once again

Unfolded the creases, made the world simple again

We picked up the pieces with bleeding fingers

Solving the shining puzzle on a matrix of red

We flattened the creases with our burning palms

Rearranging the harshness on a rosy bed

I polished you and you polished me

I strengthened you and you strengthened me

I showed you the beauty, playing sweet violins

You showed me how the harsh cruelty begins

I showed you the colours, vibrant and fragrant

You showed me how the knife cuts, when blunt

I embraced your troubles and kissed away your tears

You supported my struggles and pushed away my fears

We loved and we fought,

finding warmth under the cold dead frost

We loved and we fought,

Crying bitterly, when we thought all was lost

Towards the end, we became one

Souls entwined, thinking we had won

But the mirror broke again, into a thousand pieces.

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