Bad Ass Moments from the Past


Once upon a time,

in another country,

in another place,

we were pretty bad ass

The world was under our feet,

the sky reflected in our eyes

Home was too far away,

we were our only family

Each night we gifted death to them,

each night we waited for death

Each night was a test,

each morning a mockery of survival

Once upon a time,

in another place,

in another country,

we were pretty bad ass


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  1. those were the days of thunder and Glory, and Death too close at times, and yet too far. I looked at the sky to find the shell for me, which never came, for then I wanted to die and not come back. I watched my friends die, smiling , going and never returning, I saw cowards running, I saw brave men smiling, I saw ordinary men become heroes, I saw heroes become cowards. Those were the days … I guess it’s a long time now.

  2. This world but a stopping place
    And life but a short span
    So why not through the time race
    Accomplish us whatever we can
    So that generations to come
    Will remember us as great once
    We cannot but forever live
    And we have to die but once
    So why not to our country give
    The life which we do easily can
    (Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed)

  3. This is beautiful….
    ….brings back old memories of blood-brothers.

    Deadly weapons those sew us together…. God-forsaken places those become a living memory…..

    An excellent post, Sir…

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