God – the Grand Cupid


Taste the dried pathways of salt,

mapping lines on her cheeks;

the abandoned rivers of sorrows

What is it that she seeks?

A hope for better tomorrows?

Rivers that flowed freely once,

along their bitter beds of loss

Rivers that raged once,

amongst the boulders of regret,

covered in the deep green moss

The rivers have all gone now,

seeping deep in her heart

In place of anger,

only a humble bow

Humility? She plays a part


See the path that he follows,

of regret, pain and loss;

in a wilderness, full of thorns

The lonely soul and its grey hollows;

pigeons are dead,

the wind mourns

He is a volcano, dead to all

the fire – mere ice in his veins

Oblivious to all,

ignored by all;

a dry desert;

and an eternal wait of rains

Dreams that he once wove,

lay all in ruins,

broken and weary

Happiness that he once sought,

a lost forever, treasure trove


Then time played,

the sweet harp of mercy;

and God looked down,

searching the world

for all that was wrong

He saw the two,

with a worried frown

There they stood,

across a chaotic throng

‘Let there be light in their world,

I won’t let their souls, die like this

Let the flags of love be unfurled

let them suffer not loss, but bliss’

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