I wish the Devil was real


I wish the devil was real

So I could sign a contract;

and make a fair deal


I wish he was real

‘What do you want;

and what do you have?’

He would have asked,

his eyes filled with greed


‘What I want,

is only happiness

Not of mine though;

but of someone else’s

What I want,

is warmth and comfort

Not for me though,

but for someone else’


The Devil would have laughed,

and then laughed some more

‘I don’t care

if you ask for yourself

or for another

But what I care

is what you can offer’


‘Take my soul,

and burn it forever

Take the essence of my being

and torment it forever’

I would have offered,

I would have begged


‘Your soul….you say?’

The Devil would have snickered

‘But I am not short of souls;

their cries fill my hell’


‘But my soul is special’

I would have said

‘For it has loved’

and it has suffered’


‘A loving heart eh?

A suffering heart you say?

Then so be it,

You get what you want

and your soul belongs to me’

The Devil would have decreed

‘But remember this

and write it across your heart

You will not love again

For there is no love

without a soul’


And I would have said,

raising my head

‘A soul that has loved,

to be sold for love?

Where is the contract?

I will sign it in blood’


I wish the Devil was real

So I could sign a contract;

and make a fair deal

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