Only Patience can Open this Door


There was a beautiful door

of mahogany, silver and gold

Out of reach forever;

for both

the courageous and the bold

Carved delicately

with all the symbols of magic

Telling tales

both lively and tragic

Within the door

throbbed a warm heart

Though on the outside,

it appeared to be cold


So many approached this door;

and so many found it formidable

And so many returned

empty handed

from the cruel threshold

With heavy hearts and sad eyes

with burdened souls

and anguished cries

They were the ones,

who went back

Lost forever within the folds

of their dark regret


Then came the one

with a true heart

and a true soul

He was patient;

maybe not bold

He was the one

who dared to knock

And he was the one

for whom

the door was unlocked

For finding the door

and knocking on it

he feels so very proud

And that the door chose to open;

for that,

he feels so very lucky


May be he is called in

or may be

he is told to wait

Either way

it would be great

He has the requisite patience

and he can wait forever

Eternity is just

a lifetime away

If in the end,

fate finds them together

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