Love and Hatred


Each time that we try to breathe;

and each time we dare to dream

Each time that we let our hope seethe;

and each time we desire to scream

Life just offers one big fuck you;

and punches us right in the gut

Life just throws one big damn you;

and treats us like a disowned mutt


Still we carry on and still we walk;

still we hurry on and still we talk

We believe in love and its power;

while hope burns on a high tower

We believe in caring and affection;

while our spirit fears dejection

But there is one thing that we forget;

a dark and all powerful deadly threat


Hatred, that’s what is called by you and all;

loathing, a terrible ghost lurking in a dark hall

It waits in the darkness, all grey and black;

patience and silence, it doesn’t ever lack

It sneers with an ugly yellow satisfaction;

for it fears no revenge and no reaction

It cuts us with a million sharp blades;

our blood flows free and in all shades


It doesn’t care for affection or for love;

only devastation and no white dove

It devastates us and all that we possess;

and leaves behind just chaos and mess

But still we breathe and still we dream;

our hope keeps riding the sun beam

We still believe in love and what it can do;

and forget about hatred and loathing too

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