Loss and Wisdom


Loss is the key and the doorway;

the doorway beyond which wisdom lies

Loss is the one path and the only way;

the darkness beyond which light cries


Loss is the memory from a cruel past;

broken pieces of a mirror called self

Pick up the pieces, the first and the last;

fingers get cut, blood oozes out itself


Taste each drop of the oozing blood;

the taste reminds you of her mouth

The body and the secretly hidden bud;

her warmth, her freshness and her couth


Loss is how you understand love and desire;

the essence of lust and the furiously raging fire

Loss is how you see the world as a quagmire;

all its selfishness, being played on the lyre


Loss is how you perceive the loneliness of God;

His eternal sadness and the glory of God

Loss is the one true legacy of the wise;

seek it, embrace it, until the day you finally rise

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