The White Dove of Hope


Oh you sad children of a time so evil and dark;

the product of undesirable circumstances;

and love gone stale before it could spark

You were the anomaly in the grand scheme;

should have been smothered when born;

but sadly the plan remained a bad dream


You knew while you grew, you had no roots;

the useless moss clinging to a boulder;

no character, no faith and no attributes


Yet you all survived and yet you go on living;

for what purpose may I ask in all sincerity;

when both fate and life are so unforgiving


Desist…I suggest; surrender. I would advise;

nothing will help you persist or even grow;

throw the cards down; please be a little wise


What did you just say? Did I hear the word ‘love’?

Yes….perhaps, love is the only solace you have;

it is your golden butterfly, a beautiful white dove


Go on then, caress its warmth while you can;

but if the white dove forsakes and abandons you;

you are all done with life, there is no other plan

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