Till death do us part!


All the faceless monsters

lurking under your bed;

and grey smoky ghosts,

hiding quietly in the shed

They are still alive

and very much well fed;

their appetites are strong,

smelling your fears and dread

Oh you were so mistaken

and you were so very wrong;

they are still here

and they are still very strong


You thought they had gone

and finally left;

leaving you for once alone,

lucky, happy and not bereft

Letting you grow freely

and move East or West;

was something so obvious,

but you were so obsessed

Oh you were damn crazy

and stupid to think so;

they are not over yet,

the misery and the woe


Yes they look different

and may have new faces;

new words but equally scalding

and leaving new traces

The horror remains a fact

and it’s touching new bases;

you are a big idiot,

you were never in good graces

Oh you are confused

and bewildered by this shit?

No worries, you may run,

but you will again be hit


Yes you will forever run

and hide from them in vain;

and you will meet them,

forever and again and again

There might be a brief respite

and maybe some little gain,

but then anguish and suffering

and definitely more pain

Oh you will scream

and torture yourself to death;

you will suffer and burn,

till your very last breath


But listen my friend

and listen to me with care;

they are of your own making,

so it’s only rational and fair

They might frighten you

and they might even scare;

but sensibility and you?

It’s rather very rare

Oh you may protest

and you may angrily differ;

you are their creator,

but this may sound bitter


The ghosts and monsters

will forever stay with you;

the shadows, the darkness

and the legion of demons too

You will keep on feeding

and rearing them through;

they will keep on torturing

and tormenting all of you

Oh you may try or you may say

your hands are tightly tied;

but good fortune is a horse,

you will never ever ride

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