Who am I?


Who am I? Have you ever given it a thought?

Just like you, I have my fears and my dreams

No scars but there are battles I have fought;

no words but you can still hear the screams

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Light and Darkness


Out of the darkness, the first light was decreed

and into the very darkness, the last light will fade

Don’t fear the darkness, for it was the beginning;

and don’t shun the darkness for it will be the end

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From behind the curtain of thick grey fog

peeks melancholia, a familiar face and friend

Hope is but a distant mirage, even a wild bog

It kills you, leaving no sad evidence in the end

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Life and Times of the Yellow Moon


Where does the yellow full moon vanish

when a new moon is born up there and far?

Does it become a memory, sweet but painful

dreams, that are either forgotten or they scar?

Or does it shatter into a million little pieces;

each piece evolving into a lovely shining star?

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