Life ain’t Fair My Friend

Once there was……………………………

too less a time and much to do.

Too little air and much to breathe.

Too less a space and much to woo.

Too little energy and much to reap.

Too limited a vision and much to see.

Too small a mind and much to learn.

Too limited a wisdom and much taken to be free.

Too small a choice and many boats to burn.

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The house of God was in order, bowing angels in attendance.

Death begged admittance, wrapped intimately in dark shadows.

“What do you want ….. the most despised conception of mine?”,

the Godly voice thundered.

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In the Memory of Anarkali

O’ Anarkali!

What were you thinking when the high walls were going up;

and your stout heart filled with love, became a broken cup?

Darkness – rising and swallowing whole, the light of all love,

the dream – crushed and wounded, a whimpering white dove



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Were you thinking of your noble sacrifice on the high altar;

becoming a true legend, and your feet didn’t even falter?

It was a forfeit true, but made at the highest of all prices;

it was never treasured, being counted amongst your vices



Were you thinking of your broken life and your sad dreams;

your parched throat, filled with millions of silent screams?

Love was never yours in the first place, never yours to cherish;

yours was a beautiful life indeed, but doomed to finally perish



Or were you thinking of death, an unimaginable possibility;

and death, which though romanced, it brings along obscurity?

Your life was so marvellous, but it was marked by fragility;

you were true but in your intentions, they found an impurity



O’ Anarkali!

Did you hear them pass orders – to hurry and to hasten?

Did you count them – each stroke of the master mason?

Perhaps you sealed your ears and shut your eyes in despair;

forgetting your tears, gulping at the rapidly vanishing air



Did you think of the Prince’s embrace and his lips on yours?

Or the old Emperor’s cold cruelty, which closed all doors?

Perhaps you were rendered silent and helpless by fate;

she always guards it, the fulfilment of desires, the high gate



O’ Anarkali!

There you are at rest, lying silently in your cold marble grave;

oblivious to love or loss, but still remembered as the brave

Here I am, reflecting on your life and how you met your end;

I know what is love and I know what is loss, that I just pretend

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Come sit by the fire

Come let’s sit by this burning warm fire;

and let it defrost our hard cold souls

Lets forget it all, the good and the dire;

and also the voids within, the black holes

#english #poem #poetry #fire #regret #end #Azrael #guilt #nostalgia #virtue #sin #memories


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Sometimes I imagine the most unimaginable,

playing with lightening in the clouds of doom

At other times I dream the most indescribable,

part of another time in the hallways of gloom

#english #poem #poetry #doom #apocalypse #voyeur #end #sin #darkness #fantasy #imagination #dream


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The Pessimistic Optimist


I am a believer and I am an optimist;

a grey hall, filled with a rainbow mist

My past is dark and my future is bright;

the night is so dead, long live the light

Yet the thought is honest and it is true;

mood is always the darkest hew of blue

#english #poem #poetry #desire #guilt #regret #hope #life

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