My boss really liked me – ‘liked’ as in an extremely past tense.

No! I did not ogle his wife; and no! I did not escape with the company’s millions. Instead I managed to earn his eternal displeasure when I failed to share his unhealthy obsession for the spiritual. It all happened when I forcibly accompanied him to a spiritual gathering of sorts. It was a compulsion on my part and an intimate gesture of mentorship, on his.

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It was an early August afternoon and it was raining, when I rode a train.

‘Nothing special about riding a train in August!’. That is what you all must be thinking.

But the afternoon was epic because I was young and was sitting on the front grill of the locomotive, my legs dangling a few feet over the gleaming steel track. The rain drops pelting my face, were cold but the chill was balanced by the warm glow of the locomotive’s heat, spreading across my back. You have to be a lover of both the trains and rains to guess the height of my ecstasy. It was a dream which came true.

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‘So…tell me something!’ my five year old son, who was growing mischievous by the minute, asked me one day.

‘What?’ I pulled him close.

‘Is God really big?’ His eyes were sparkling.

‘Yeah….I think so’, I answered very very carefully, trying to trace the race track, his mind was galloping on.

‘Is He bigger than me?’


‘Is he bigger than our house?’


‘Is he bigger than everything?’

‘Definitely!’ I answered and breathed a sigh of short-lasting relief. That was easy.

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Anna is sitting naked on a high-backed chair; and is looking into a cheap aluminum-framed mirror. It is a small room in a grey depilated apartment building, which is just sparsely furnished.

Only two plastic chairs in a corner, used more as a resting place for dirty clothes than the tired behinds of cheap customers.

A small TV mounted on the wall, almost permanently on mute; and the faded screen alternating between static and a music video featuring a few garish characters from hell.

A double bed in another corner covered with a dark purple quilt. It is presently occupied by a naked hairless man, with a pale and bulging beer belly, a prominent dark and hairy belly button staring at the room.

Two lamps on two side tables on either side of the bed; one throwing a red glare across the room and the other indecisive in its flickering.

The room smells faintly of cheap sex and sweat; and the stink of unwashed bodies. The room smells of desires – already fulfilled and deeply regretted.

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The Ghosts in Glass Marbles


‘So……? The blue or the red one?’

The kind eyes of the old man twinkled with pleasure; and a kind of amusement only knowing can bring, danced within their murky depth. The child hesitated. His black shining eyes shifted from one marble to the other. The colors fascinated him. There was indeed magic in glass marbles.

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