The Pessimistic Optimist


I am a believer and I am an optimist;

a grey hall, filled with a rainbow mist

My past is dark and my future is bright;

the night is so dead, long live the light

Yet the thought is honest and it is true;

mood is always the darkest hew of blue

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My memories, opening the musty book;

time passes so fast, a fast flowing brook

Faces and images pass by and blurry;

nostalgia is chaos and chaos in a flurry

Within the chaos, bitter conflict is a must;

all the treacheries and the little bit of trust


Pushing open the window into past;

I recall everything, the first and the last

So many butterflies riding the sun beams;

yet they are ugly, nightmares and dreams  

The womb is very warm and it is so secure;

but the shelter is a curse when death is sure


Life is always a glass half filled, it is quite right;

darkness always sighs with a promise so bright

Sorrows and joys, a long and tiring queue;

more of the former than latter, it’s so true

Within each light, resides a dark shadow;

perched on the tower of hope – a black crow


I am the prophet of hope, a seer of visions;

regret is a sharp throb, all the bad decisions

The wounded birds, I make them fly again;

they always leave a parting gift – a cold pain

I cannot be a savior, it is just a false belief;

no pleasure in the pain, just a cold dark grief


I tread new paths; the dark forbidden places;

the spirit of adventure, leaving dark traces

Sin is the wisdom and virtue so damn bland;

the sense of curiosity, burning and so grand

Desire is clear water, regret is the muddy silt;

I always pay the price – the soiled coins of guilt


Desires are sirens, they bewitch and they seduce;

wishes are the flames, but to dust they reduce

Hope always lives on but she is a devious bitch;

disappointment is abundant, it is always so rich

Wisdom comes leisurely, it dances a slow waltz;

the pessimism is true, the optimism always false

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