Come sit by the fire

Come let’s sit by this burning warm fire;

and let it defrost our hard cold souls

Lets forget it all, the good and the dire;

and also the voids within, the black holes

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Let’s grab our old and broken violins;

and sing songs from a shattered heart

Let’s remember and refresh our sins;

and let virtues play their own sad part


Let’s cry, in the memory of old love;

and share stories from our sad past

Let’s caress our nostalgia, a grey dove;

and drink to tears, which dried up fast


Let’s remember innocence – lost forever;

and applaud corruption, the destroyer

Let’s rethink our deeds, dull and the clever;

and pass the judgment, no judge or a lawyer


Come let’s sit by this brightly lit fire;

and let it initiate, the beginning of the end

Let’s say farewell to all, ambition and desire;

and welcome Azrael, savior and the friend

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