The house of God was in order, bowing angels in attendance.

Death begged admittance, wrapped intimately in dark shadows.

“What do you want ….. the most despised conception of mine?”,

the Godly voice thundered.

“I want a …..a heart!”, death stuttered.

‘A heart?’, the angels sighed in wonder.

‘A heart?’, the towering pillars shifted.

“Hmmm…but why?”,God mused.

“To feel love, your most prized creation.

“Death…and love?”

The lofty hall boomed with the echoes of Godly laughter.

“But it will deny the very reason, the very essence of your creation.”

“Just for a day!…I beg you my Lord!”

“You knoweth not what you asketh for”,

God smiled, “but I grant thee what you wish for”.

Bowing in gratitude, death withdrew.

*          *          *

The glowing sun heralded the beginning of a new day

and death descended on the golden earth.

“Hmmm…lets see, which ones to take to my dark valley today?

She went to the house of a mother,

who was feeding her son and dreaming his future.

Death felt her dreams with her heart and stumbling, withdrew.

She went to the fields of a father.

He was playing with his daughter,

she riding his shoulders and forgetting her fears.

Death felt her trust with her heart and trembling, withdrew.

She went to the garden of a lover.

She was writing to her love and yearning to be near him.

Death felt her tears melting her heart and crying, withdrew.

Finally, she went to an old man.

He was kneeling in front of the cross and praising the benevolence of

the merciful God.

Death felt the mercy of God and subdued, withdrew.

*          *          *

The house of God was in order once again.

Bowing angels lining the expansive hall.

Death kneeled in front of God, weeping.

“Please my Lord, take back the heart, for it has made me miserable!”

“Damn the heart, for it has made me a dreamer.”

“Damn the heart, for it has made me fearful.”

“Damn the heart, for it has made me sad.”

“And damn it, for it has made me merciful.”

God smiled His kind sad smile,

“Blessed are those who dream, for dreams bring them hope.”

“Blessed are those who fear, for fear strengthens their faith.”

“Blessed are those who love, for their love leads them to me.”

“Blessed are those who are merciful, for am I not merciful myself?”

“And blessed are all my beings, for they are loved by me.”

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