9 thoughts on “Balochistan….the land of harsh romance!

  1. It’s all about vantage points…
    Not always the physical vantage points though…
    From where I stand and see this…
    I see held back emotions,
    Sadness and turmoil
    Memories of life’s glory…
    Being slow roasted on discrete golden flames…
    flawless strokes of nature…
    Rising… Ashless… Smokeless…
    In Godly silence….
    To the place where broken hearts go…
    And the tormented wrecked soul turns to God
    As a last resort…!!

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  2. Sir, this breathtaking photo of yours, gave birth to a few stray inspirations:

    “Fields Painted on An Evening Sky”

    Fields of amber, gold and orange,
    Painted on a canvas of sky blue,
    Alight the fire with the embers
    Of stirred emotions
    Like the waking up of desire
    Just before the dawn of the night.

    —-Dr Hafsa Siddiqui

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