Once I wanted to be immortal!


Once I wanted to be immortal

Experience each pleasure;

life had to offer

And live each dream;

my imagination did proffer

But then I saw;

and then I felt

Each pleasure came with pain;

that dreams were a loss,

and not a gain

Once I wanted to be immortal

Live each day;

with laughter and with joy

And love the whole world;

beauty and its clever ploy

But then I saw;

and then I felt

The joy was dull and fake;

happiness, only a dose of opium

Love was but a farce;

dispensed from an egoistic podium


Once I wanted to be immortal;

yes I wanted to live forever

To experience all the wisdom of the world;

all the lessons life could teach,

dumb and clever

Now I just want to fade away;

and dissolve without a trace

And sleep a blissful sleep;

away from time and space

Now every trace of my presence,

I just want to erase

All the glory and the blaze;

the kudos and the praise

Go where there is no more me;

no more desires, no more ambition

Where all is always silent,

within the realm of the Great Magician

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