Virtue is a demon!


Virtue is a demon,

which we raise in the name of God

The wizards and their vimen,

while the multitudes stand all awed


Virtue is a demon,

raised through prayers so pure;

the holy rituals so clear and sure

It rears its golden head,

when one bows and one kneels;

through vows upon broken seals


Virtue is a demon,

as it overcomes and overwhelms;

beating drums and guided helms

It emerges victorious,

we surrender we submit;

to the splendor and the pit


Virtue is a demon,

which makes us blind and heartless,

a bit unkind and a stinking carcass

And virtue is a demon,

it makes us arrogant and pretentious;

very eloquent but all obnoxious

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  1. Yes, very true,
    As a friend once said, its called
    “Aajzi ka Takabur”
    It has killed many , and it will waste more, especial those who are close to the Goal.

      1. Tareeqat is a very interesting path, in one methodology, excessive sins lead to excessive humility, and at the end, God in his infinite mercy accepts the genuine Aajzi and shame. You know, one tear of shame is more dear to Him than many good deeds of the righteous.
        still waiting for that time…

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