The bloodiest war


The old man pulled down my head

and whispered….

Listen my son,

listen carefully,

for this is what is all about

And this is,

what you cannot,

live without


Sin is the undergrowth,

and the saprophyte,

which feed upon life

And guilt is the fire,

which cleanses the sin,

and cuts with a sharp knife


Sin is the seed,

sprayed forth from the loins

of the terrible angel Azazel

And guilt is the solace,

flowing from the eyes

of the kind angel Gabriel


The struggle between

the bright day,

 and the dark night

And the war between

sin and guilt,

wrong and right,

is the bloodiest

and the most cleansing!’

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  1. Ah, so true. But He loves to see it every day, enjoying the good fight, where every loss is more cherished than many a victories.

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