You are here and I am here for you


What would you like?

What would you like my friend?

Would you like to cry

on a love lost forever?

Or over a broken heart maybe

you cannot mend, howsoever?

Then you are here;

and I am here for you


Scream out your mind

from within the dark hole

Maybe in part;

but preferably in whole

Tell me of your regrets

and unburden your soul

Tell me of your dreams,

that they once stole


I will wrap your regrets,

in the moist leaves of kindness

Will preserve them well,

within the womb of eternal sadness

Your regrets will rest there forever;

hidden from prying eyes;

the wicked and the clever


Each dream of yours, a fallen star;

and I will hang that star in the hall

The hall of unfulfilled dreams;

so large and spacious, yet so small

Your dreams will hang there in balance,

frozen tears on a cold marble cheek;

within a moment of fair penance


But don’t you worry;

don’t you worry at all

You will never truly

part from your regrets

You will never truly

abandon your dreams


They will be waiting for you

on the day of eternal silence

And when you die,

your soul will embrace them;

embrace them once more

For without all those regrets;

and deprived of all the dreams,

your soul will never be complete

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