The Herald of Hope


A dust storm of chaos

blows all around you

Blinding and unforgiving;

miserable yet breathing

Chaos rules all around you;

and you are so very afraid


Deep within this dust storm;

deep in the heart of chaos;

there beats a living heart

The beats defining life;

rhythm in full and also in part


Listen to those beats;

listen to them closely

You will hear a song;

an everlasting song

A cry that never dies;

the song that never ends


The song becomes the wind;

and on its feathery shoulders;

rides a golden butterfly

Its wings made of gold,

a sparse speckling of silver


She flutters her delicate wings;

and the world stands still

In awe and in wonder;

the cries and the thunder

She dances her slow dance;

and silence rules the skies

Admiring and respectful;

appreciative and grateful


Follow that golden butterfly;

follow her home

The manifestation of love;

and the bringer of good news;

she is the herald of hope

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