Murmuring of the Immortal Dark Birds



Deep within the void I call my heart,

surrounding the nucleus of my soul

There is a desolation so cruel and vast;

a frozen glacier so merciless so cold


The coldness bites into my bones;

it cuts me from without and within

There is a pain – so many shades and tones

twisting my memory and crumpling my skin



I bleed from a million different places;

yet it is only me who sees the blood

I scream with a million screaming faces;

yet it is only me who hears the words



You are cursed forever, the words say;

damned to walk and trace, the sad path of life

To the end, that is your only way;

a watery grave, a bullet or a sharp knife



And why is that so, I ask with a weary smile;

while my heart sinks down and down

Your soul is dark, strangely the answer is so vile;

and your heart is an abandoned ghost town



I peek within and find the ghosts smiling;

faces contorted in agony and mirth

Their gestures are fierce, not reconciling;

demons following me since the damned birth



I look around me and find myself surrounded;

the murmurings of the immortal dark birds

I look at me as if from above, wounded and hounded;

their razor sharp beaks, claws and harsh words

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