No Spillage of Blood – No Moves of Chess


Have you ever felt that darkness is patient

Oh! so patient it is – patient and nurturing

The sands whispering under the snows;

the hourglass and the endless string

And the sea that knows, stillness and silence

follow the storm; while the wild wind blows


The darkness sings a lullaby, a sweet and sad melody

The ugly concerns and powerful fears;

crawling within the comfort of its womb,

all go to sleep – ending the terrible parody

The darkness hums softly; the mellow song of hope

call of the lonely flute, climbing up a thorny rope


Once the golden dawn breaks; shy and flawless

the heart aches when dawn tickles the darkness;

The darkness smiles and recedes willingly

Without any protest, without making a mess

The transfer of power; so smooth and simple

no spillage of blood; no moves of chess


Have you ever felt that waiting is delicious

Oh! so delicious it is and so very precious

The grains of sweetness; the heart of a ripe peach

the taste and the intoxication, so very ambitious

And a single drop of honey, slides within easy reach

the assault on the senses, so very vicious


Waiting sings the symphony,

a smoldering symphony of desire

And the heart beats and then beats again;

rain falling down on a flaming pyre

Waiting whispers promise; reassuring and hopeful

the first rays of sun; a sparkling proposal


The golden butterfly flutters its delicate wings;

the secretly hidden joy, out it springs

She hovers over waiting and he conforms

relief and happiness, into these he transforms

The transfer of power; without any stress

no spillage of blood; no moves of chess

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