No Need for Metamorphosis and Change


No need for metamorphosis and change

when the change won’t change the mind

of all the shooters standing on the range;

people I love, both hateful and the kind


No use of running and panting with ambition

when the path doesn’t really lead anywhere;

I should just walk and only essential action,

trudging down the dark land of nowhere


No need for dreaming of fragrant flowers

when the vine is bound to wither one day;

people just like to sit in high mighty towers,

their love and affection, always held at bay


No use of reaching for the shining stars

when the stars aren’t meant for me;

what is not ours’ and will never be ours’,

shape-shifting shadows, as I behold and see


No need for claiming loyalty and true love

when all the desperate pleas fall on deaf ears;

hearts filled with a poisonous fuming brew,

eyes darkened with past and all its fears

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