His last yellow dream

Balloons and Unfulfilled Dreams

‘Do you sell enough balloons to make a decent earning?’ I asked the old balloon-seller.

‘You are mistaken my dear sir. I don’t sell balloons. I sell only dreams.’ He explained humbly.

‘And this yellow balloon………?’

‘This is my last dream – my last yellow dream.’

Tales of the Ancient Turtle – The Witch of Ghoragali


‘Why is it……’ I asked the turtle. ‘….that the more I understand life and the more I write, the more I grow sad? I don’t dislike being sad but it overburdens me sometimes.’

‘Hmm!’ the turtle closed his grey clouded eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, they were as usual, shining with the golden light of ancient wisdom.

‘Understanding is a gift child. This gift comes to a few but this gift always comes with a curse. And that’s what the witch told you. That was the deal you made with her.’

‘Witch?’ I was surprised. ‘What witch and what deal?’

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