Green Tara and the Man Who was Lost – A Short Opera

The man was tired of walking for long in the cold desert. The sand was almost silver and stung his feet with the chill from last night. An equally tired grey sun failed to warm the sand grains. And then when he had almost lost hope, Green Tara suddenly appeared out of thin air.


The man fell to his knees, joined his hands in supplication and addressed the goddess:

O Green Tara, the tear drop of Avalokiteshvara;

have mercy on me for I have sought you for long

You are the goddess of all those who are lost;

and I have lost myself, correct me if I am wrong

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Children of a Lesser God

The future of this country does not exist in either religion or politics. It exists within the eyes of the children roaming its thousands of nameless streets. How we treat them and how we ensure a better, safe and bright future for them, is how we can build up our country. Long Live Pakistan!

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