The Clown who Fell in Love and Lost his Laughter


Let me tell you all a small little sad story;

a story so hilarious yet so painfully gory

Let me tell you all about a simple good clown;

who just wanted to serve, wasn’t after glory


The clown worked in a big grand circus;

so grand, it made all a little bit nervous

The circus encompassed all the reality;

seemingly having no rhyme, no purpose


The cold-hearted circus was focused on fun;

ignoring all sadness, it was so fixated on pun

The darkness was abhorred in the favor of light;

the night was ignored, it worshipped the sun


The clown was so happy, but only on the outside;

his eyes telling the cruel truth, while his face lied

Riding the high waves of senseless mirth and joy;

his sadness was a small and silently breathing tide


Hiding his sadness with a smile so open and bright;

was something he had learnt just like a true knight

Being unhappy inside, yet beaming always with joy;

was an art he had practiced hard, each day and night


His act drew huge crowds, it made people laugh;

being fired from a cannon, his act was only a gaffe

He flew across the pavilion, landing safely on a net;

the powderless kind cannon not cutting him in half


One day, while the clown was performing his act;

he saw a lovely vision, no dream but a glaring fact

She was an acrobat, who swam gracefully in the air;

her magical eyes avoiding his, making no contact


The clown grabbed his chest, lowering his guard;

about to explode, his heart throbbing so very hard

Unbeknownst to his senses, he had fallen in love;

but it wasn’t beautiful, the reality was all scarred


He watched the girl for long, savoring her image;

vision overwhelmed, his senses taxing his courage

What to do and how to do? He thought so hard;

his sanity in wild chaos, all thoughts in scrimmage


So many days had passed, she occupied his mind;

so many nights had passed, his fate was all signed

His heart was wrecked forever, there wasn’t a way;

love is neither a salvation, nor it is ever any kind


Then one fateful day, the clown decided to act;

approaching the girl bravely, he forgot all tact

‘I love you’ – he just blurted out the three words;

like he was just finishing signing of some pact


She looked at him for long and then laughed out aloud;

‘I waited for love so long and ignored the whole crowd’

She looked at him with distaste and said the words;

‘look how the God punishes me for being so damn proud’


‘A clown He sends me?’ She looked up at the sky;

‘A clown He sends me!’ She then started to cry

‘Why am I so unfortunate?’ She questioned herself;

‘Why a clown was to love me?’ She asked with a sigh


‘I love you and want to make you happy!’ he plead;

‘I love you and want to save you from pain and dread!’

‘Don’t doubt my words my love! For they are all true’

‘I will serve and love you till I stop living and fall dead’


‘Either stay at my side or I decide to banish you forever ’

She said after a while, in a steady voice, no single tremor

‘Stay at my side and stay till I decide to leave one day’

‘But I will never love you back – you may cry or act clever’


The clown just bent his head, he had decided to stay;

but something just broke inside him that fateful day

The clown lost all his laughter, he lost all his smiles;

his face was still painted in colours, just white and grey


He started dying inside on that day and thereafter;

being neither ever wanted nor much sought after

And on his gravestone it is written as I have heard;

‘Here lies the clown who fell in love and lost his laughter’

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