Mary and the Dark Mother

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Come and visit the Dark Mother Mary;

she is the only one who truly loves you

Her pure wisdom has always been there;

you and only you, she will always be true


Come embrace the Dark Mother Mary;

in her lap, you are going to find peace

Her love will make you whole once again;

mending each crack, joining each piece


Come and bow to the Dark Mother Mary;

and she will tell you, it’s useless to go on

Her hand caressing your tired bent head;

and she will whisper, there is no true dawn


Come seek the Dark Mother’s counsel Mary;

and she will differentiate love and courtesy

Her logic is immaculate and unquestionable;

when she tells you love is not real but fallacy


Come hear the Dark Mother’s prophecy Mary;

when she tells you, you are doomed forever

But don’t lose hope, may seem grey and dark;

her solutions are always simple, never clever


Come and listen to the Dark Mother Mary;

when she tells you, it is time to sleep

Her words are the writing on the wall;

when she tells you not to cry and weep


Come lay with the dark mother Mary;

her coldness is the warmth you seek

Surrender yourself and take the step;

just forget that you were ever a freak


Just follow the Dark Mother Mary;

be assured, she knows the right way

Bringing sanity to the circus of chaos;

she’s the night at the end of your day


Do what the dark mother says Mary;

sleep is just a small little bullet away

Just please cross the threshold Mary;

salvation is only just a steel’s kiss away

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