Man in the Mirror


Go look at the sick pale face in the mirror;

how loathsome the face seems to appear

Look at him for long and look very closely;

you will find quietly lurking, a passive fear

Of failed dreams and victorious nightmares;

of a life utterly failed, loss of all that is dear


Go talk to the dark still face in the mirror;

how passive and how ugly is the aggression

Talk to him for long and listen with patience;

you will hear the words, the ugly question

From where did he come, where will he go;

his words speak of a dark cold depression


The man hates him, the devil in the mirror;

he has always done so, the tireless disgust

He is disgusted by what the man has become;

no principles, no morality and the lack of trust

He is offended by what the man has chosen;

a chaos of scorching wind and blinding dust


He is disappointed in him, the clown in the mirror;

he has lost hope in a miracle, a last resurrection

He sees the man devastating himself deliberately;

he is dissolving fast, an intentional self-dissection

He sees the man scattering with the gusts of time;

out of spite, self-loathing, dejection and rejection


He questions him, the silent man in the mirror;

‘Do you really have to go? There isn’t another way?’

Staying is no longer an option I can really choose;

the sky is over cast, the clouds are heavy and grey

I have to go from where I once came by an error;

there shouldn’t be any hesitation, no more delay


He calls to him, the dissolving man in the mirror;

‘What of those who still need you to stay longer?’

No one is indispensable and wants are not needs;

the absence will hurt but will make them stronger

I myself have lived liked this, survived for this long;

they’ll live too, there’s no fear they can’t conquer

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